"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 39/52.


Getting a little ahead of ourselves...



"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 38/52.


Autumn is here. The rains are coming. Gracie and her mermaid are inseparable. Potty training has begun. I am in the midst of installing (e.g., struggling with) a new blog/photo template. Days spent with a toddler - simple yet so very intense at the same time. 



"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 37/52.

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Being two is a pretty great age to be in life. Inspired by the family who created "Olive Us", I've been reflecting on Gracie's days and think she's doing a pretty good job of being a two year old. She excels at playing, eating, running everywhere in a hurry, making lego pieces into imaginary cookies, transforming a pile of sand into pasta with cheese and of course, napping (after a little cuddle and 10 different versions of ABC, Row Row Boat or Twinkle Twinkle).

The family who make Olive Us TV have six kids (!) and they're really fun to watch. Here's a little blurb from their website explaining what it's all about:

Olive Us is a weekly video series created by Ben and Gabrielle Blair featuring their six kids... The series is made up of short episodes (typically 2 to 5 minutes) and showcases values we care about like working hard, being kind, helping each other, being creative, problem solving and staying positive even when frustrating things happen. Our family relationships aren't perfect, but we hope by modeling positive examples in the videos that it will help us practice better relationships in real life. 

Here is one of our favourite Olive Us videos - watch it if you want to smile for days!

Video by "Olive Us" tv - so awesome! 

And finally, as any two year old worth her salt is supposed to do, a photo of Gracie who went from jubilant (above) to slightly grumpy, signalling the arrival of nap time:

Cuddle time. 

a quebec wedding // saint-francois-de-l'ile-d'orleans

Au revoir a la belle province! 


bloom // love in the garden

"There is no way of telling people they are all walking around shining like the sun." // Thomas Merton


These soon to be first time parents are building a nest, literally walking around shining like the sun in anticipation of their new arrival. I wonder if they know how much their world is about to become centred around everything that is lovely and new? Lucky little babe - not yet born, but already so loved. 

Congratulations, my dear friends. 



"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 36/52.

[52 project participants who inspired me last week: this little port, West End Cottage, Sea and Salt, A Little Lioness, this brown wren, and of course, Che and Fidel]


Another from our last day at Birkenhead Lake. Behold the "cheese" face! 


bloom // love in the garden {sneak peek}

Happy 34 weeks to my dear friends who are expecting their first babe! We spent some time Wednesday evening in the garden documenting belly and parents - more pictures to come soon. 

So lovely. 



september long weekend // birkenhead lake

Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park. 


"Fish!" she called into the distance,
With her hands cupped round her mouth, 
"Fish, can you hear me calling..."

- Adapted from "The Magic Fish" (an old Dutch fairytale)


Over the September long weekend we traveled with friends to Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park for three nights/four days of outdoor goodness. There in the park the colour green dominated the day in the water of the lake and ebbed into night via the evergreen of our tree-ringed campsites. We enjoyed stories and walks with friends, campfire s'mores, refreshing lake swims and a beach leap-about (or two). Gracie had her first proper canoe ride, during which she summoned every fish in the lake to visit our boat - what fisherman worth his salt wouldn't want her along for the ride?!

A trip to Birkenhead is excellent nourishment for the psyche before the frenzied pace of September takes hold - I say we make it an annual event! 

Fog rolling in - time to head home.