"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 13/52.

[52 project participants who inspired me last week: Cinnamon GirlSarah Illustrator, The Byron Life, Sunny + Scout, Modern Nomads With Kids, and of course Che & Fidel]


This was the week that I realized I have no idea how to talk to a toddler. Meeting Grace's demands - or rather, not meeting them - needs to be done with a little more finesse than I am currently managing. Despite a few minor tantrums and her occasional refusal to eat anything but toast with jam, I continue to find myself smiling over how our little babe's brain works. I love the random jumping when we're walking from one errand to another, or the way she busts a move to the CBC interlude music... She simply acts what she feels, and it's quite amazing to see.

The sunniest of 2013 weeks yet, Grace and I were outside every day, sometimes just doing nothing in the grass. The pictures from this set represent bits and pieces of a trip to Stanley Park to ride the Easter Train. Following our ride we ate lunch together on a bench in the park, protecting our goods from the birds ("no-no birds, Gaycee's ola bar"). Gracie tucking flowers into her hair, super-sized pinecones, twirling in her Easter dress, excitement over the Stanley Park horses, a desire to stay outside forever - these are a few of the things I will remember about this day.


PS - I recently read this article, "Coping with the Caveman in the Crib" and am planning to get this book. Hello, happiest toddler on our block (which is a funny thing to say since she's pretty happy already - it should be happiest mama on our block)! 

Enjoying springtime sun in Stanley Park. 


raspberry filled

Raspberry filled Easter cookies by Small Pleasures, found at the Vancouver Farmers Market.

Happy Saturday, friends!

Hope your weekend is filled with jam, coloured eggs & rabbits (a little friends/family might be nice too!).

x, Mel


the blooming

Fragile beauty, the Accolade Cherry Tree. 

Accolade, Afterglow, Kizakura, Pandora, Spire - these are some of the cherry cultivars one can find in the Vancouver area. All day the city blooms, awash in cherry blossom rain. Early yesterday morning, Grace and I walked through English Bay observing the different pinks, stopping under each tree to admire its fragile beauty. At once an image formed in my head: Grace and I laying under a cherry tree (perhaps having a snooze) this late March morning, emerging with beautiful gowns and cherry petals in our hair.

I can't get enough of these trees! I'm considering participation in Bike the Blossoms in late April - doesn't it sound like a beauteous pile of fun? 

Vancouver blooms, end of March 2013.  


a whistler weekend, part 2 // lichen becomes him

A visual diary of our little family trip to Whistler. 

{Part two, lichen becomes him}


Standing in awe over Brandywine Falls. 

Budding little steward of the woods. 

Gay-cee's stick. She will lick it to prove it. 

Trifecta of delight: sunshine, lichen and bokeh. 

Witch's hair began to grow above his lip... 

...and so she plucked it off. 

Thank you Whistler, it's been fantastic being with you. 

a whistler weekend, part 1 // walking on snow

A visual diary of our little family trip to Whistler. 

{Part one, walking on snow}


Sean and Grace begin hiking through the woods on the trail to Cheakamus Lake

Unaccustomed to subtlety, Gracie expresses her displeasure over being in the backpack, asking repeatedly to walk. 

Monty engages in Olympic style, midair snowball eating. Frosty remnants coat his face. 

Tresses and tufts, witch's hair lichen hangs from trees along the trail. 

Mama follows along as baby bear proudly struts her newfound ability to walk on snow. 

Feeling a little tired, G needs encouragement to continue on (after at least ~40 minutes of walking on her own!). 

Gratified. Still walking, with the end in sight. 


Back at the village...

Enjoying Olympic memories while taking in the view. 

G watches fish-like kids swim at the hotel pool. 



a little time away // mountain air

The Whistler baby bear toss. 

Sneak peek: a picture from our wintery weekend out of the city. Walking through the snow, our babe was as happy as I had ever seen her. And that made me (very) happy. 


[Photo snapped by Sean Markey]



"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 12/52.


Leaps and bounds - this is the theme for the week that just passed. Words and short phrases are free-flowing (my current favourites: "stachio" for pistachio and "Monty, way down" for "Monty, lay down"), instructions are finally being followed the odd time (e.g., jump from this block to the next, and the next - hooray!) and the big slide at the park was ridden solo for the first time. Leaps! Bounds!

Gracie, Monty and I spent Thursday morning at the dog beach in Kitsilano (no pictures of Monty because he was running around like a mad-dog), happy to see the sun. Wearing shells as hats, calling for Monty across the beach, digging in the sand, tucking in close to my legs when several dogs visited at once - these are a few of the things I loved about this experience.

Safe spot by mama's leg.

happy saturday, from whistler


Happy Saturday, friends!

Hope you are jumping for joy as a result of a massive dose of vitamin D. 

x, Mel


wheat berry salad

eating green in 2013: wheat berry salad, recipe found on p. 52 of "Super Natural Cooking", by Heidi Swanson. 


simply. more. green.

A winter salad to consume on the cusp of spring... Delicious and lively, I made this wheat berry salad over the weekend to share with my mother-in-law, a dear friend (and our sitter for the evening!) and my family. This dish is a new favourite for several reasons: 1) it's incredibly healthy and easy to make, 2) it can be customized by season (imagine lemon juice, blanched asparagus and peas for spring), and 3) it provides a lot of leftovers!*


*A fourth reason this dish is a new favourite: it allows for less guilt (and more room in one's tummy) when sticky toffee pudding is on the menu for dessert!

vancouver family photography // sweet baby R

Baby R having a blast with his parents at the neighbourhood park.


A few weeks ago I met with this lovely family for a mini photo session. Oceanside at the park, little R braved the cool weather with an abundance of smiles (and a few bubbles!), happily playing and exploring with the flower of the moment, the glowing white snowdrop.

Back at baby R's house, his mama shared the most delicious cookies while we warmed up. I hope to see this family again soon, this time without camera in hand so I can get in on some of those baby cuddles!


edamame hummus

eating green in 2013: edamame hummus from "oh she glows", recipe found here


simply. more. green.

I made this hummus to share at a St. Patrick's Day birthday party yesterday and just had to make it again this afternoon! I guess I'm craving some garlic breath (baby Grace too)...

"More, pease."