vinaigrette to salivate over

eating green in 2013: very green vinaigrette, recipe found here


simply. more. green.

Everyone ought to have at least one "nutrition nut" friend in their lives. For me, that friend is Freya Kristensen*, the author of the blog Baboon Reviews. In my experience nutrition nuts, Freya being no exception, often bring not only the best food to dinner parties, but also food that is fresh and unfamiliar. This past Saturday Freya shared this vinaigrette with myself, Sean and a handful of friends, leaving me itching to whip up a batch as I too am incredibly bored with the basic olive oil/balsamic vinegar mix (see Freya's blog post). The "Very Green Vinaigrette" is a brilliant dressing, the agave nectar perfectly balancing the tang of the dijon mustard. In addition, adding this dressing to an already green salad is a clever way to consume a variety of green herbs (rosemary, parsley, and tarragon for example). G and I shared an all green salad for lunch today, but this dressing was all mine, all mine!


*Freya, we truly like and appreciate you for more than just your prowess with healthy food, for example, we love your desserts too (ha)!

All green lunch, devoured. 


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