the blooming

Fragile beauty, the Accolade Cherry Tree. 

Accolade, Afterglow, Kizakura, Pandora, Spire - these are some of the cherry cultivars one can find in the Vancouver area. All day the city blooms, awash in cherry blossom rain. Early yesterday morning, Grace and I walked through English Bay observing the different pinks, stopping under each tree to admire its fragile beauty. At once an image formed in my head: Grace and I laying under a cherry tree (perhaps having a snooze) this late March morning, emerging with beautiful gowns and cherry petals in our hair.

I can't get enough of these trees! I'm considering participation in Bike the Blossoms in late April - doesn't it sound like a beauteous pile of fun? 

Vancouver blooms, end of March 2013.