voices of the earth

Awe inspiring birdsong at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. 


"Some kids don't want to be organized all the time. They want to let their imaginations run; they want to see where a stream of water takes them." // Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods (2005)

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is blooming around me, with Gracie at the core. Sometimes, I want to be unorganized - to let the blooming seep in. Today I felt it, the flourishing, as we drifted through dappled sun, listening to the voices of the earth: the roar of Lynn Creek; the whistle of gentle wind; birdsong so perfectly consistent with our experience we had to tell ourselves to hear it. 

Gracie's world: blooming, new, beautiful, humbling. 

Tiny petals, frozen fingers holding snowmelt, wet rocks flying into the creek, skip, skip, skipping along the river's edge with a dear friend - these are a few of the things I will remember about today.  

May we live in the forest for all of our days.