30x30 nature challenge // week 1

Nature party in cherry blossom rain! 

30x30 nature challenge: week one.


Half way through week one of the Nature Challenge, the weather has been glorious and the time I spend outdoors with Grace fills me with a brand new joy. The spontaneity of our days is something I will truly miss when the time comes for our little gal to go off to daycare or preschool - it is so nice to have an agenda that simply states "get into nature today".  On day one we watched as a great blue heron took flight at Spanish Banks, later playing in cherry blossom rain while on a pre-dinner neighbourhood walk. On day two Gracie learned how to make dandelion wishes, and on day three we threw rocks into the ocean at New Brighton Park.

As we left the ocean on Wednesday, driving in the direction of home, Gracie asked "more ow-shin, pease"? Music to my ears!

Feeling for blossoms in her hair. 

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