"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 34/52.

[52 project participants who inspired me last week: Jane Mabel, The Beetle Shack, Christina Lowry Designs, Milk Please Mum,  Sunny + Scout, and of course, Che and Fidel]


Today, we spent our morning in the forest on Mt. Seymour. The path to Dog Mountain was a little more rocky and root-filled than we had expected, but it didn't matter, we took our time, listening to the buzz of insects high in the trees while watching our footing. Once at the peak we brought out the hiking snacks where Gracie took one look at our bowl of blueberries and instructed us to "put them on the mountain", pointing at the rock beside her feet. It's a joy to know that she's developing a relationship with "the mountain" through physically being on it.

I had a hard time choosing just one photo this week. We did a little face painting with mud while on the trail - portrayed in colour above, and in black and white below (the second photo taken by my husband). It was pretty swell! 

Happy, mud-faced baby.


  1. she's really beautiful, even with dirty face :)

  2. Two beautiful photo's, I just adore all the beautiful colors in the first one of Grace!