applebarn pumpkin farm

They're all sweet, won't you have a bite? 


This past weekend we spent a warm, sunny afternoon with Gracie and a friend picking apples and romping through the pumpkin patch. Fifty pounds of apples between us and two pumpkins later, we enjoyed a sweet snack of apple cider and perfectly roasted corn on the cob at the Country Store. I'm known for romanticizing rural life (I'm at least two thirds country mouse), but honestly, wouldn't it be gratifying to have a small farm?

The magic of autumn is now fully upon us. Apple picking was first on our fall bucket list - here are some additional ideas - I'd love to hear more if you have some:

Now, what to do with all of these apples?! Thus far I've made an apple-ginger milkshake, apple-butternut squash puree (with sage and nutmeg) and a crisp with flax meal and pepitas in the crust. Recipe suggestions welcome! 


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