ferries, farm stands & cheese // salt spring island escape

Covet: Salt Spring Island goat cheese. 

My mom, daughter and I have just returned from a brief escape to Salt Spring Island - home to pixie pies and friendly people, chickens that warrant kissing, and the cleanest cows in all of Canada. We began our explorations with a walk by the ocean, where Gracie found a folkloric-style piece of wood, optimistically calling out "fishes, come to my stick"! The hotel we stayed at embraces a true "farm to table" experience, which allowed us to explore the backyard gardens, try sun chokes for the first time, and to return home with the most beautiful salad greens ever to be seen (farm stands abound on this island). 

Our second day on the island was all about pleasing our taste buds! We toured Moonstruck Cheese, Salt Spring Island Cheese, Sacred Mountain Lavender and Salt Spring Winery, where a cat named "Syrah" received the biggest full-body hug she's probably ever had. Both my mom and I bought lavender florets, cheese and wine to share. Gracie pet a beautiful Jersey cow called "Rainy" and is well on her way to becoming a proper cheese aficionado - perhaps I ought to encourage her to become a cheese-maker one day? "Gracie-Lou-Cheese-Monger-Markey" has a nice ring to it, does it not? 

Our final afternoon was spent in Ruckle Provincial Park, home to the oldest working farm in British Columbia. After leaping through Garry oak meadows, and pretending to "sweep" atop moss covered rock, we listened to a vociferous visiting sea lion then said our goodbyes to this most beautiful of places. Love you, Salt Spring Island. 

Run free... 


  1. Wow...gorgeous photos! So jealous of your trip!

    1. Thank you, Freya! One day we will have to go to Salt Spring with our families (or, without them for a girls trip!) and eat cheese + drink wine!