"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 52/52.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year from our little family to yours! 


The 52 project wraps up with the last photo of 2013! I'm delighted to have participated and am eager to join in 2014, taking inspiration from so many talented people around the globe. It seems that throughout the project participants were motivated to see the charm of life as we are living it and to appreciate the ordinary (even if I sometimes had to remind myself!). I think Jodi's idea of taking more candid photos is an ingenious goal, and I will strive to do the same in the coming year, capturing the texture of the everyday - the magic and the mundane.

Cheers to 2014! 

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  1. oh myy! These photographs are amazing! <3
    I love the colours in them :)
    Great blog !!

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