all about light

I am in the midst of a six week photography course, studying under the ever inspirational Erin Wallace of a love supreme. This week is all about light and since the sun finally decided to shine on Vancouver, I spent the morning oceanside with G to practice shooting. I chose to shoot into the sun (entirely on manual of course!) which can be tricky as the camera freaks out trying to read the abundance of light flooding into its sensor. I'm still not sure that I've nailed it 100%, but I'm starting to understand the fundamentals of wide versus narrow aperture and what kind of image will be produced in bright sun. Midday sun is incredibly unkind to photos (and the people trying to take them), leaving early morning and early evening (before sunset is best) for photos with soft "magic hour" light...

I'm so excited for summer 2013 - with my camera set to manual I'm going to chase light all over the place!

Here are a few samples:

Playing in the sun at Jericho Beach, Vancouver, B.C.