gorgonzola + minty green pizza

eating green in 2013: zucchini, pea and mint pizzas, recipe adapted from here.


simply. more. green.

A green cheer me up; a stinky delight; minty freshness. I made these pizzas today for everyone in our house who is under the weather, which is actually everyone but me (may I not jinx myself!). Originally meant to be tarts, I adapted the recipe slightly by using a cornmeal/spelt crust and Gorgonzola rather than feta. Little G started with the crust, moved onto peas and eventually licked a few pieces of zucchini. I think the choice of cheese may have been too strong for her and will consider using something with a little less "bite" next time. For tonight, it's been delicious, even if I am eating most of it alone!