spring // fully consumed

On the cusp of bursting...

I feel like I need to breathe in every minute of the Vancouver spring this year, that every bit of its scent be fully consumed by me, resetting my mind and body. Lately I've become decidedly aware of how quickly life and all its various stages pass, reflecting on how difficult it can be to appreciate a moment or stage when in the thick of it. Last week Magnolia trees were laden with blooms and already they are shedding their petals to make way for leaves - it's all happening too fast. Every break in the rain is an opportunity to notice spring and her resultant remnants. Bundled up and in our rubber boots, G and I have been gathering and exploring, this week at Queen Elizabeth Park, next week somewhere new (or familiar, all that matters is the noticing). 

The blooming // Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, B.C. 

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