mt. pleasant, i love you // may + june

01. the clever fox welcomes shoppers at a local store // 02. yellow poppies everywhere // 03. the community garden at mt. pleasant park begins to bloom // 04. our gal pretends to add to a local mural - this might feel like home, indeed // 05. if only the colours were a little different // 06. it's a verdant land at the moment // 07. the corner at main st. and 16th ave is a warm & cuddly place to be // 08. one of several fig trees (location kept secret) you will find me under later this summer // 09. the breadseed poppy blooming all over mt. pleasant


I'm planning a new series here to celebrate the discovery of all things local and to share appreciation for the changing of the seasons in our neighbourhood. Each month I will post some of my favourite pictures from Mt. Pleasant - I hope you like them!

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