"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

the 52 project: 4/52.


The rains came this week, sparking a creative session on the fourth floor (in the "fun room" as named by our friend Shawn) of our new house. Little G and I coloured in a book of animal masks using crayon rocks which G attempted to snack on merely once. Interestingly, the pink rock was her favourite (she wouldn't let me use it to decorate the lion's mane, and later that same day refused to let Daddy use it) and she quickly made her colour preference known. It was a short session with the masks, for once the white-tailed buck and fawn appeared, colouring quickly lost it's "wow factor".

Sharing creative time together, learning about G's preferences, seeing her kiss (and nibble) new creatures - these are a few of the things that I love about this experience.