eating green in 2013: a twist on guacamole, recipe found here


simply. more. green.

Avocado is my favourite food. I know this seems silly as most people would state a favourite food that qualifies as a complete dish or type of food (e.g., cheesecake, or, Mexican) rather than a simple fruit. However, the humble avocado is truly the food I crave the most and feel happiest before, during and after eating. Our babe shudders when eating it, thus I am stealthily working on a gradual indoctrination to the way of the avocado...

I made this guacamole for lunch today to be eaten on toast and to accompany leftover galette (see here). This version of guacamole, while delicious thanks to the addition of curry and cumin, could have benefited from tomatoes and cilantro. It sure disappeared in a hurry (although, you can see it already beginning to brown in the photos below when compared to the initial photo I took, only minutes apart). 

Tasty green remnants. 

I hope I have done my friend Lauren proud (I suspect she loves avocados as much if not more than I do) as she regularly makes a tasty guacamole herself. I see a guacamole party/Mexican feast in our future!