winter fresh

The Winter Farmers Market represents a little island of freshness within the city, a glimpse into community life in Vancouver and into the lives of those closely connected to the land. This morning I spoke directly with a beef farmer, sampled pink lady apples (the most crisp and perfect apples ever), enjoyed 100 mile bread and came home with a bag full of freshness to share with dinner guests. 

I snapped a few pictures while little G and I wandered through the stalls, loving the perfectly imperfect form of the organic produce and the smiling faces on the vendors and their happy, hungry buyers. A trip to the local farmers market is a feel good outing to be repeated often! 

Back at the house a little raccoon finds himself a feast set to ripen in the windowsill, Sean and I are enjoying apple-walnut bread with apples and little G is napping (hopefully dreaming of the beets, goat cheese and brussels sprouts she will be eating later).