strong to the finish

eating green in 2013: green lemonade, recipe found here.  


simply. more. green.

This morning called for a bit of second breakfast, thus a refreshing spinach lemonade! I made it smoothie style, opting to use an immersion blender rather than a juicer (ha, the juicer that I don't own) and added one kiwi. Unsure if little G would like it, I let her start by dipping her fingers, a few minutes later I could barely wrestle it away from her. In fact, after downing a whole glass a mild tantrum ensued because more smoothie failed to magically appear (I made only enough for two glasses).

It seems we have one green-loving babe on our hands, bringing me endless delight. "Strong to the finish" 'cause she eats her spinach!

Baby green machine in action.